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Latest Version: 3.0

What is Dragonblocks?

  • Pixel Sandbox game ("2D Minecraft")
  • A Browsergame written in Javascript.
  • Mainly Inspired by Minetest
  • Still Early Beta, 3.0 (in developent) will be the first playable version.

What´s new in Dragonblocks 2.3

  • A Major Engine Bugfix and a few other changes
  • Added more Options
  • Better GUI for Options
  • Deleted useless leftover code from earlier versions
  • New Mods: wool, worldedit, useless (which adds stuff like tnt or doors, but without the its functions)
  • Seperation of Engine and Game: DONE! (We worked at it since 2.1)

Dragonblocks Wiki

Dragonblocks has a Wiki now. Check it out!

Dragonblocks Bedrock Edition

There is a C++ Version of Dragonblocks. You need linux to run it.

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3.0.0View onlineDownload
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2.1.0View onlineDownload
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1.1.0View onlineDownload
1.0.0View onlineDownload