A fully functional keypad lock powered by a Raspberry Pi

This is a project developed by HimbeerserverDE.

Setting up a door lock with a matrix keypad is easy. But I added some more features: user and admin codes, programming mode (manage codes), code server with management program.


1. Download installer

2. Start installer as root

3. Do what the installer tells you

If you don't want to use the MKMFmanager (server) just leave the server address field empty when installing. You can also set an empty doorname and password.

Important: The server has to have a static IP address

Guide for Ubuntu
1. Find a free IP address outside of the DHCP range.
To do this, you have to look at your current IP address. I recommend that you change the last number (if your address is, replace the 27) to 250.
Click the network icon and click "Connection information". In the upcoming window, you'll find your current IPv4 address. Replace the last number with 250 and you'll get a new address. turns into I don't guarantee that it works though, because a enterprise network can be more complex than a home network. For private use it should work.
Now close the window.
2. Set the new IP address.
Click on the network icon and click "Network connections". Click on the network you're using and click on the small gear at the bottom of the window. Navigate to the tab "IPv4 settings" and under addresses, click on "Add". The address is the new address we figured out in the last step. The net mask (second field) should be 24 in a home network. Again, it can vary if you are in an enterprise grade network. You can just leave the gateway option empty so that it autoconfigures. The configuration method is automatic (DHCP). Now click "Save" and close all the windows. Reboot your system or do "sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager" to apply the changes.


Keypad installer
Server installer


To open up the mkmfmanager, type "mkmfmanager" in a terminal window.

If you're having problems with the client, remember: This is made for Raspberry Pi and neither tested nor supported on other systems and different distros than Raspbian. If the server doesn't work, try using a debian based distro like Ubuntu. The server doesn't have to be a server machine and doesn't have to be online if you don't want to manage doors and codes. You can just use a normal Ubuntu computer. You have to set a static IP address though. You can also provide the keypads with a domain name and use dynamic dns to synchronize it with the (private) IP address of your computer.

Take a look at the man page. "man mkmf" on the client, "man mkmfmanager" on the server.

Contact me (, your E-Mail provider must support IPv6 (use gmail)), if not or you're not shure send to!